Brian Bartholomew

Software Engineer

We are all pleased to welcome Brian to Eau Claire from his home in Salt Lake City, UT.  It was obvious from the day we met Brian that he was passionate about development and eager to bring those skills to bear at Invisible Connect.  He has a strong background in designing and building web applications and brings a great deal of innovation and creativity to the process. He enjoys developing intuitive UI environments and being on top of the up and coming web frameworks. His drive to innovate and lead by example has made him an outstanding teacher, helping others to come on board with new technologies. He believes strongly in giving back and within weeks of moving was active in the community with the Boy Scouts of America.  When he agreed to join the team we asked him to be prepared to hit the ground running and he has embodied that request every day.


Bruce Neverdahl


Bruce comes to Invisible Connect after years in automotive and industrial mechanics and studying mechanical design engineering. During his career he has excelled in his technical studies as well as in teaching and instruction; a set of skills highly valued by our team. His experience in mechanics, fabrication, and engineering design brings Invisible Connect a wide range of knowledge on process, materials, and 3-D modeling. His ability to take design concepts to models and prototypes will allow us to “Innovate Every Day” by bringing our teams ideas into physical space. Bruce has a proven history of exceptional problem solving skills and a wide range of knowledge associated with machinery and computer numerical controlled systems. In addition, his knowledge in manufacturing and material processing as well as mechanical engineering will allow him to see across all mechanical, process, and safety aspects of our products to create a system-wide solution.

Drew Manor

Product Manager

Drew is a native of Eau Claire and brings several key areas of experience and expertise to our team— from product design and development, to inspection and quality control, to marketing and accounting/finance. A top performing graduate of UW-La Crosse in 2008, Drew’s attention to detail, initiative and level of excellence is an excellent match for his role as Product Manager. His passion for our products is evident as he collaborates with multiple internal teams, insuring our product development effort is on course and on budget. Drew demonstrates our core value “Be Passionate and Focused” daily, and he brings a unique perspective to our products that is invaluable to our success. We are fortunate to have Drew on our team and look forward to his continued contribution in multiple areas of our business.



Erik Hanley


Erik brings a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge across numerous industries and academic areas; from chemical engineering to polymer processing, patent research and filing to teaching. The level of professionalism and passion he devotes to his engineering work, performing in Ironman and ultra-marathon races, or training as a paramedic, will enable him to be a natural advocate of our core values. His attention to detail, as demonstrated very readily by his academic success, will contribute directly to the quality of our products and success of our development effort. He has a proven track record in delivering solutions to complex problems and managing that complexity easily and simply. Erik has already proven that he lives to “Pursue Growth and Learning.” 

Gavin Sunde


Gavin Sunde comes to Invisible Connect having recently finished his degree at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  We are very pleased to have drawn him back to the community and to have him on the team.  Gavin graduated with a degree in Biology and a concentration in Microbiology,  but his interests led him to change direction and pursue computer science.  He has shown a strong aptitude for software engineering and excellent instincts on design and development.  His interest and enthusiasm for the subject is apparent to everyone who talks to him. We are anxious for his input to the team.  His decision to pursue computer science proves that he is “passionate and focused” and will encourage us all to follow his example.


James McDougall


James comes to Invisible Connect after years consulting with large and small, worldwide software and hardware companies pursuing new product licensing strategies. His focus during these years was on developing integration solutions and managing development cycles which often encompassed geographically and culturally diverse teams of software experts. His experience in software development and professional services brings Invisible Connect a breadth of knowledge on developing customer-centric products and better enables us to live our core value to “Wow the Customer.” He has a history of success developing innovative solutions across industries such as medical technology, enterprise solutions, and intelligent devices. His background in Electrical Engineering will allow him to see across all aspects of our product line to create a system-wide solution.

Lowell Munz


Lowell comes to Invisible Connect with nearly 20 years experience in a variety of visual design capacities. As the founder of Munzter Creative he provided contract web and graphic design services for national, enterprise level clients, and dozens of small businesses in various industries.  He brings to Invisible Connect deep background directing creative teams, designing custom CMS-driven websites, and providing visual design for marketing initiatives. Lowell brings an artist's eye to our mission of Innovating Every Day and is a perfect example of how we strive to Surround Ourselves with Talent.  Outside of work his creative appetite also includes playing guitar and bass, and tinkering with various backyard contraptions. We are thrilled that Lowell decided to join the Invisible Connect team and look forward to his creative leadership in our marketing and product development efforts.


Matthew Hegge


Matthew lands at Invisible Connect with 20+ years supporting users in the creative and corporate environment, primarily in the design, marketing, and photographic space. Primarily working with and supporting Apple products, he helped develop and implement strategies for creative workflow management, software and hardware deployment, Windows integration, asset management, network design and management, and coordinating hardware repair. His experience in graphic production enabled him to know what his team members were doing “in the trenches” and provide them with solutions so they could create great work. Matthew’s unique set of skills, both in the creative-thinking and the technical environments will provide a variety of opportunities for the development of the company and the products it produces and equip us to “Create Fun” everyday.

Mindy Fox Strangstalien


Office: (715) 350-7404


IMG Pat Paulson.jpg

Pat Paulson


Pat joins the Invisible Connect team with a prestigious career in engineering and education.  His keen interest in applying engineering, manufacturing, educational, and legal experiences to solve problems that frighten others is precisely the passion we are instilling in our team.  Pat has honed his interests and skills as a Professor at Winona State University and in business doing engineering and process work.  At Winona State he has been twice awarded “E-Professor of the Year” for integrating technology with the student learning experience.  He has broad experience solving not only engineering problems, but also manufacturing problems, improving processes, and updating front and back office technologies.  His history of applying innovative thinking to many areas of the economy will better position Invisible Connect to “innovate everyday.”  He has a proven history of “pursuing growth and learning.”  He is a life long learner and looks for opportunities to extend himself into new areas.  His personal tag line is “Provide leadership and guidance in the teaching of appropriate technology.”  We are privileged to be on the receiving end of that leadership.

Ryan Gruhlke


Ryan is both an Eau Claire native and a Cum Laude graduate of UW-Eau Claire. He is a  Certified Public Accountant in the State of Illinois and is currently finishing his MBA at University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Ryan most recently served as Senior Manager of Accounting at CareerBuilder, LLC in Chicago. Prior, he served as Controller for a division of Menard, Inc. in Eau Claire. From these roles Ryan brings a strong portfolio of knowledge and experience in Finance, Accounting, Management and Business Administration that is ideal for Invisible Connect’s growth trajectory. Ryan openly admits he is addicted to marathon running, so it’s no surprise that “Be Passionate and Focused' and 'Pursue Growth and Learning’ are the core values that resonate most with him. Ryan is a great fit for our team and we look forward to his continued contribution toward our success.


Scott Pinkert

Software Engineer

Scott joins Invisible Connect with great depth of experience in software engineering, architecture and process.  His background in designing software for large cloud computing solutions brings exactly the kinds of best practices and "do it right first" attitude that a growing software team needs.  Playing on the Invisible Connect team gives him the opportunity to innovate while surrounding himself with fun, talented, and passionate people.  He is driven by his interests in learning every day and solving problems.  When not slinging code, Scott enjoys traveling, boating, barbecuing, watching football, and spending time with his wife and two children.  Scott brings new meaning to "always do the right thing" by not only being a great person, husband, and father, but also by pushing the team to always develop our products the right way.  We are honored to have such a committed and thoughtful engineer making such an immeasurable contribution.


Scott Strangstalien


Office: (715) 350-7402

Tim Kiekhafer


Tim joins Invisible Connect with a deep understanding of and appreciation for software design and architecture.  His experience spans many industry verticals including consumer application to department of defense solutions.  He is an innovative technical professional with refined leadership skills, a comprehensive background in software development, and expertise in many competencies.  He is a continual learner and seeks opportunities to learn new technologies and apply them in innovative ways.  Tim has succeeded by surrounding himself with talent and proves Invisible Connect’s commitment to do the same.